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Bellatia is a hack 'n' slash action role-playing game about warriors fighting over the ultimate godly weapon called the 'Bellatia' in the land of Aslan. The dark magic wizard Khadal is trying to take over the world by collecting the power of all the he-roes of the past. When the great wizard Arkreign learns of this plan, he overthrows it by locking the heroes' powers in many Bellastones and scattering them all over the world. No one knows what happened to Khadal and Arkreign afterwards and the existence of the Bellastones has become a myth, dividing the warriors into two groups. First is those seeking to free the Bellatia souls and the other is those who want the power for themselves. The ones who are not capable of handling the power of Bellatia are turning into evil beings and causing much turmoil in the world. A girl is the last hope for the mankind and the player must train the girl, interact with the bygone heroes to draw out their power,stop the evil from resurrecting, and restore peace in the world.

  • Title : Bellatia
  • Genre : Action
  • Language : EN, KR, JP, TC, SC
  • Platform : PC
  • Rating :
  • Release : 2020
  • Publisher : H2 Interactive
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Super Pixel Racers

‘Super Pixel Racers’ is a top-down racing game featuring colorful 2D pixel graphics and charming 16-bit sounds. The single player Career Mode offers various mix of track types, weather effects, and challenges. You will need to upgrade your choice of vehicles to help win each race. The game also features a split screen local multiplayer for up to 4 players and an online multiplayer for up to 8 players from across the world to play together at once. The Nitro gauge filled up by drifting on the course can be used to not only instantly boost the speed, but also to crash into other cars and escape obstacles on the track to experience

  • Title : Super Pixel Racers
  • Genre : Racing
  • Language : EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, RU, KR, JP, TC, SC
  • Platform : PC/PS4/Xbox One
  • Rating : Everyone
  • Release : 2018-11-01
  • Publisher : H2 Interactive
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