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Projects in Progress

Mobile Gamepad Patent - Smart Gear

We are developing a gamepad for mobile devices that is practical and convenient to use based on our patented unique and functional design.
This product will support multiple platforms such as smartphones and tablets. We have been selected as an Innobiz company by the Small and Medium Business Administration based on this project.

Wireless Gamepads for Cloud Platform

Using our own patented gamepad, we are expanding our development strategy for the cloud and streaming game platform. Our main goal is to achieve compatibility for all smartphones and smart TV's in and out of Korea and build a gaming environment for cloud and streaming game channels.
The wireless controller in development will be optimized for the gaming environment rapidly shifting from PC and console to smart devices.

Direct Games Development

We not only support domestic cloud gaming services with exclusive ESD rights to game contents of developers and publishers overseas but also built the first Korean digital game distribution channel, Direct Games. We provide a solution that provides game activation codes for users that prefer quick and easy gameplay after purchase. You can see for yourself the convenient billing methods that are differentiated from international payments and various user-friendly discount events.