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Entertainment Business Leader H2 Interactive

'H2 Interactive' is a pioneering enterprise that brings new kind
of fun and culture through diverse entertainment businesses.

H2 Interactive has established a global operation with prestigious multi-platform game publishers
and developers all over the world and now it has become an able enterprise that leads digital
contents service industry with continuous transformation and renovation.

We promise to communicate truthfully and practice ethical, transparent, responsible management,
sharing dreams and visions with our partners.
We will do our best to create the highest consumer value.

h2 interative compnay
Company Name H2 Interactive Co. Ltd. CEO Junha Hur
Founded 2009. 9. 4 Phone 02-6968-5550 / FAX : 02-6968-5499
Address A 605 Gangseo Hangang Xii Tower., 401, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Game licensing and publishing, gaming peripherals distribution, new platform business and research development
  • - PS4™, Xbox One®, PC platform software Asia publishing
  • - Digital contents distribution platform, Direct Games publishing (www.directg.net)
  • - Cloud service (BlazBlue series, Guilty Gear series, Raiden series, etc.)
  • - Gamepad development and patent acquisition (Direct Gear)